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We Sell Shiny Stuffed Courses

The reason we make our online courses SO stuffed with shiny objects is so that you won’t get bored, quit, & go looking for other shiny objects; without getting the help you want & need.

We’ve interviewed 100’s of shiny object lovers just like you.

So that we could deliver you guys; thoughtful, entertaining courses. You need captivating, FUN, engaging courses because anything less would be boring for y’all. Having someone who can hold your shiny object loving attention is key to your success.

Other’s don’t put in the ef-fort to create a learning experience you’ll enjoy & as a result you’ve probably experienced how boringgg they are & a failure to get the results you wanted & needed.

Most of our competitors websites focus on giving you grrreat info; but our focus is on helping you apply that info in the easiest, most convenient, & entertaining way.

Our reason for everything we do:

Is to help you work smarter, & faster so that you can have more time in your life with the shiny objects you love!!!

Our goal for you is not more promotions, money, or praise (which the courses will help you get); it’s to give you more time to get lost in the shiny objects that bring you JOY & MEANING in life! And hopefully those shiny objects will leave a great impact on the world (something you can be proud of) when you are gone.

So, no more feeling bad (or being hard on yourself) for getting distracted! I dare you to be different! I challenge you (every week) to work a little smarter & more efficiently so that you can give a little more time (each week) with the shiny objects you love.

If you’re here because you have ADHD:

You’ll find that we are different from the competition because I don’t give you a kitchen sink (here’s everything I know) solution. We focus on just 1 struggle of yours at a time; so that it’s easier for you to make it a lifelong habit. Every video, helpful download for each video, & course on this website just focuses on 1 of your work struggles at a time; which is easier, less stressful, & overwhelming for you.

If you don’t have ADHD:

The Jan 2019 Harvard Business Review Magazine confirms what I’ve (Brandon the owner) have been seeing & assuming for years; which led me to create this website & all the videos for you:

“…This research comes at a time when attention deficits have spread far beyond people with ADHD to the rest of us working in an always-on world. The good news is that the brain can learn to ignore distractions, making you more focused, creative, & productive.”1

& if our attention spans have dropped to 8 seconds, less than a goldfish, (according to a study done by Microsoft) than even people without ADHD could benefit from getting help for the struggles this brings about in your work.

So no matter if you have ADHD or not; you have similar struggles & this website was created to help you with them.

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1 Harvard Business Review Special Issue Magazine, “The Brain Science Behind Business” Jan 2019 (but it says it will be on display shelf’s until April 22, 2019). Page 106; article titled, “Train Your Brain to Focus” by Paul Hammerness & Margaret Moore; from the bottom of the 2nd column to the top of the 3rd column.