About: I Love Shiny Objects

We’ve interviewed 100’s of shiny object lovers just like you. So that we could deliver you guys; thoughtful, entertaining courses. You need captivating, fun, engaging courses because anything less would be boring for y’all. Having someone who can hold your shiny object loving attention is key to your success. Other’s don’t put in the effort to create a learning experience you’ll enjoy & as a result you’ve probably experience how boring they are & a failure to get the results you wanted & needed.

If you’re here because you have ADHD; you’ll find that I’m different from the competition because I don’t give you a kitchen sink (here’s everything I know) solution. We focus on just 1 struggle of yours at a time; in everything we do. Every blog, video, & course just focuses on 1 thing at a time; which is easier, more effective, & less stressful & overwhelming for you.

If you don’t have ADHD: I’ve discovered something interesting throughout the years…as our world has become more distracting the same techniques, strategies, & concepts that work for people with ADHD also work for those without.

Our goal is to help you get the work you want to get done done!
Whether it’s from the free real life examples in the S.O. Team episodes or by the online courses which makes things easier, faster, & more convenient for you to apply the info.
We’re here to help you out; regardless if we make money or not.

About: The I Love Shiny Objects Team

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