What’s the connection?

The Jan 2019 Harvard Business Review Magazine confirms what I’ve (Brandon the owner) have been seeing & assuming for years; which led me to create this website & all the videos for you:

“…This research comes at a time when attention deficits have spread far beyond people with ADHD to the rest of us working in an always-on world.”1

Because we are living in this “always-on world” (aka SOLs Paradise SING IT COOLIO!) our average attention spans have dropped to 8 seconds!2 Less than a goldfish’s attention span!

So no matter if you have ADHD or not; you have similar struggles & this website was created to help you with them.

1 Harvard Business Review Special Issue Magazine, “The Brain Science Behind Business” Jan 2019 (but it says it will be on display shelf’s until April 22, 2019). Page 106; article titled, “Train Your Brain to Focus” by Paul Hammerness & Margaret Moore; from the bottom of the 2nd column to the top of the 3rd column.

2 According to a study done by Microsoft Corporation.

If you’re not sure where to start, here’s where I’d recommend: