Delegating: Tasks & Work

Find out how to delegate using “The MAC ST Method” in the video below.

S3: Small Shiny Success

  1. Download the “1 Page Checklist” by clicking in shiny box below.
  2. Print it out & put it in your briefcase to take to work.
  3. Set a reminder when would be the best time to go through it.

Success! If you just do this 1 small shiny success you will be well on your way to delegating! Great job! Keep up the great work SOL!


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What is delegation?

Giving others things to do. Along with the power, resources, & wise counsel to do it. For the benefit of your sanity (giving you more time to focus on the projects that matter the most for your success), & to build them up, which benefits the entire company.

Why should I delegate?

Ever feel like there is too much to do, & not enough time to do it all? Delegating is 1 of the quickest ways to reduce your overwhelming to do list; or life.

What are the advantages of delegation?

It helps you provide opportunities for growth, advancement, & raises, for you & them. & is also good for the growth of the company. Good people will leave if you don’t give them more opportunities to advance personally (in the soft skills) & professionally. Delegating provides more opportunities for both. & it also shows your employees that you trust them, value them, & want to bring out the best in them. It also provides a way for us to have a positive impact in their lives; not just in their work life. & God created us to work in teams, so that we could each help each other out with our unique gifts. & you need to concentrate where you are gifted or that would make the biggest impact in your position. & let go of the other stuff. Because everyone has weaknesses that can be patched through wise delegation.

What is the process of delegation?

1st: Find out what tasks are a misuse of your time; & which tasks aren’t. 2nd: Appoint each new task to technology or people. 3rd: Communicate wisely. 4th: What supplies do they need to get it done? 5th: Talk with them as regularly as needed until you can trust them to take care of it without you.