Perfectionism: How To Overcome Perfectionism

In this video you are going to how to overcome your perfectionism, so you can stop hurting yourself & (sometimes) your coworkers, friends, & family.


S3: Small Shiny Success

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Where does perfectionism come from?

Sometime in your past you felt are were told you’re, “not good enough” or “you’ll never amount to anything in life…”, or you aren’t worthy of being loved unless you are perfect. So you became driven by perfectionism to protect yourself & desperately try to get those emotions YOU SO DEEPLY CRAVE!

Why perfectionism is bad?

You base your worth & identity on what you do; not who you are! You fear others will reject you or not love you if what you do is not perfect. You are never satisfied; no matter the outcome you will find something to criticize or to beat yourself up about. Perfectionism causes you a lot of suffering; increased risk of depression, anxiety & eating disorders.