Prioritizing: How To Prioritize

Find out how to prioritize using “The What Crap What Technique” in the video below.

S3: Small Shiny Success

  1. Download the “1 Page Checklist” by clicking in shiny box below.
  2. Print it out & put it in your briefcase to take to work.
  3. Set a reminder when would be the best time to go through it.

Success! If you just do this 1 small shiny success you will be well on your way to prioritizing! Great job! Keep up the great work SOL!


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What is the most important step in prioritizing goals?

Getting clear on what your goals & values are in work or in life. If you just wrote these down & put them somewhere you would see them while you work. It would help you align more of what you do to your goals, & values.

How to prioritize?

What are your goals at work (or for your life)? Write down the tasks to reach each of those goals. Clarity out of those tasks which are important, urgent, & seems urgent. (The tasks could have more than 1 like important & urgent.) What’s the most important out of the important, do it, then reward your self with chocolate. Then pick the next most important until they are all done.

What is a prioritization matrix?

It consist of 2 lines 1 horizontal & 1 vertical; which makes 4 areas to prioritize your tasks in. Top left is important & urgent. Top right is only important. Bottom right is neither. & bottom left it only urgent. This is also known as the Eisenhower Matrix. I teach a unique blend of this here on my site.