Task/Project Management: How To Manage Your Tasks

Find out how to manage your tasks using “The PAR Process” in the video below…

S3: Small Shiny Success

  1. Download the “1 Page Checklist” by clicking in shiny box below.
  2. Print it out & put it in your briefcase to take to work.
  3. Set a reminder when would be the best time to go through it.

Success! If you just do this 1 small shiny success you will be well on your way to task/project management domination! Great job! Keep up the great work SOL!


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What are the benefits to task management?

Improves productivity, & efficiency. It also reduces time, $, & stress. And improves the consistency & quality of all your tasks.

How to manage your tasks?

Use “The PAR Process”: Plan, Accomplish, Review.