Time Management: How To Manage Your Time

Time management is 1 of the most important skills you can learn in your life! It’s so much more than time management it’s life management; managing your precious heart beats in this world…


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What is time management?

It’s managing your time. Which means being smart or intentional with how you spend your time & therefore life.

Why is time management important?

Life is made up of time. So as we manage our time better we manage our lives better. For SOL’s it’s SO easy for us to be pulled away or distracted from the things that will bring us the most joy, & meaning in life! Time management helps us focus on the shiny objects that are actually the shiniest for us. So we reach the end of our days & lives, with no regrets & satisfaction of knowing you spent the time of your life well.

Is time management a skill?

Yes; therefore it’s something that you can learn & become good at.

What are some good time management skills or techniques?

Videos 2 thru the end (on this page) is a great place to start!