To Do Lists: How To Find The 1 That Works Best For You

Watch the video below to find out what to do list would work best for you.

& the best practices to help get more of your to do list items done.

S3: Small Shiny Success

  1. Download the “1 Page Checklist” by clicking in shiny box below.
  2. Print it out & put it in your briefcase to take to work.
  3. Set a reminder when would be the best time to go through it.

Success! Congratulations on completing your 1st small shiny success! Great job! Keep up the great work SOL!


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What to do list works best?

The 1 that gives you just enough structure to be able to focus in your work without stress, worry, doubts. But not more that it slows you down & makes it hard for you to maintain.

How do I make a to do list?

3 Steps: 1st. get your ideas out of your head. 2nd. Organize the ideas in your head. 3rd. (After watching the video) choose the to do list type that would work uniquely best for you.

How do I keep doing my to do list?

3 Steps: 1st. Choose 1 w/ just enough structure but not anymore that it’s a burden to maintain. 2nd. Get a accountability partner to help you. 3rd. If you are still struggling buy the course which is all about making your to do list a lifelong habit.