FUNny Online Productivity Courses

To help you APPLY the shiny strategies you get for free on this site & YouTube.

The value isn’t in the info; it’s in applying the info.

Applying is what gets you the raises, promotions, & bonuses. Learning all the info in the world without applying it is just a waste of your shiny time.

Shinier Courses = Better Results For You

The reason we make our online courses SO stuffed with shiny objects is so that you won’t get bored, quit, & go looking for other shiny objects; without getting the help you want & need.

You need captivating, FUN, engaging courses because anything less would be boring for y’all. Having someone who can hold your shiny object loving attention is key to your success.

Most of our competitors focus on giving you grrreat info; but our focus is on helping you apply that info in the easiest, most convenient, & entertaining way.

3 Common Complaints I Hear About The Competition Are…

1. Time

It takes too long to get to the practical tips” or there are “too many” “steps”, “rules”, “options”, or “resources” to filter through & decide which is best.

  • In our courses: We strip out all the fluff/un-shiny stuff so that, we can help you out as quickly & efficiently as possible!

“Waste of time & $!” “Not a great value for the time spent.

  • In our courses: our entire course will take you less time to go thru than a typical book, online course, or pretty much all coaching/consultants packages out there. & it’s cheaper/or a better value than all of them.

“It took over a month just to get everything I paid for!”

  • In our courses: We give you the entire course the second you buy. So if it’s Sunday & you need to be better before Monday; these courses can help.
2. Boring


  • In our courses: We strive very hard to be funny & entertaining, so that you won’t get bored, & quit wasting your time & $.

The same idea just repeated 10000x & it gets boring quick.” or “Repeats itself over & over again.

  • In our courses: We rarely repeat ourselves, but when we do, it’s to help you remember the key points faster; so that you can make it a lifelong habit that will help you out your entire career.
3. Nothing New

Mostly a collection of obvious stuff available everywhere else.

Nothing new. Rehash of ideas from others.

Was all well-known stuff.

  • In our courses: We fuse together the best techniques, methods, guides, formulas, rules, & strategies together to make things as helpful for you as possible. The individual parts are rarely unique, but the combination of them, the sequencing of them, & the humor dumped in all of them is!