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  • Note:
    • if just 1% of your audience buys 1 of the courses you’ll make ~$98,600 (493k subs * .01)=4,930*$20(50% of profit for each course)=$98,600 We have 20 courses planned if you promoted all of them you could make over $1.97 million dollars!
  • Referral Rate: 50%
  • Cookie Expires in: 30 days.
    • This means that if they buy anytime within 30 days after clicking the link you will get your 50% of whatever they purchase.
  • How will you be paid: through PayPal every week.


Here is a sample of what the YouTube Video we do together will be like:

This is just 1 out of the 8 courses. I should have all 8 done by the time you see this. & in the future there will be ~20 courses.

We are SO excited to have you here!


I have already set everything up for you to be a shiny object loving affiliate.

Step by step instructions:

Step 1: All you have to do is login (at the bottom of the page) using the username & password I sent to your email address.


Step 2: Then pick any page on our website you want to refer your brains to.


Step 3: Then copy the url & paste it in the url generator (at the bottom of this page). And then click the shiny “Generate URL” button.


Step 4: Then copy & paste the generated link it gives you where ever you want.

  • In your YouTube videos or in the descriptions under the videos.
  • Your website.
  • On your social media. Etc.

Then when your brains click on that link & buy anything you will get 50% of that money. Easy peasy!


Step 5: After they buy you will get a email (I set it up to go to: howtoadhd@gmail.com). In that email it will have all the info you need to get your shiny $.


Step 6: And you can manage/change any of your affiliate info & look at all your stats using the red menu links below. & for quick reference you can bookmark this page which is setup just for you:

  • https://iloveshinyobjects.com/jessica

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