How To Design Your Life By Achieving Your Goals

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    This course will help you:

    • move forward in life to where you want to go by giving you a clear easy roadmap to follow & the application help to make sure you get there.
      • If you don’t just ask for your $ back.
    • Brings meaning & purpose to your life.
    • Peace of mind that you are spending your time & resources on the things that matter most to you in life.
    • Overall goals help you become better because they trigger your behavior & guide your focus.
      • Basically you accomplish more of what you want in life.
Here is a overview of the course content:

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1 review for How To Design Your Life By Achieving Your Goals

  1. Madlen

    This is a really thorough and inspiring little no-fuzz course on Goal Setting, by, that can help anyone to get to the next level in just a few days.

    I wasn’t sure about doing the course at first, because I’ve done many on productivity, goal setting and success already, but I’m glad I was led to this one, as it goes through the main aspects in a compact setting, straight to the point and customisable to all.

    It’s really down to earth and comes with easy to follow step-by-step worksheets, of course the videos, transcripts and even the audio of each course sessions, in case you only have time for learning on the go.

    I’ve enjoyed taking the course and can very much recommend the content to anyone who would like to improve their life.


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