How To Overcome Perfectionism


“Perfectionism has been that ‘frenemy’ who’s tagged along with me my entire life. On the surface she’s helped me get stuff done right. But underneath she was always there at the worst moments to whisper cruel criticisms in my ear no matter how hard I’d worked or how well I’d done. Perfectionism helped me get straight A’s all through school, helped me get into Harvard, helped me graduate from medical school with highest honors. She helped me go from a skinny 13 year old with no athletic ability to a Division 1 college water polo player. She’s helped me excel at pretty much anything I put my mind to. But she was also there to tell me that each of these accomplishments was not sufficient, that I should try harder, do more, be better. When I had achieved something difficult & was enjoying my success, she was there to whisper in my ear, “Not good enough…set your sights higher.” -Elana Miller

Perfectionism has been the hardest most relentless frenemy (friend/enemy) of my life. I do amazing things & still feel inadequate, fake, not good enough. Or it causes me to procrastinate because it’s not good enough; it has too be better…the best.

I am too embarrassed to share my work if it’s not exceptional. I fear others will reject it/me & not love it/me.

It’s caused the 1 I love most in this world my wife so much pain too! I hate it! But I think it keeps me “safe”…

I have no idea what to write on this sells page…Bottom line I’ve struggled so much with this & this material has helped me SO much & I hope & pray it helps you too! If not just ask for you $ back.

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