How To Get Better at Time Management


SOL’s common problems, & challenges using their words.

My Story of the problems & challenges (how hard things where when you began) I faced about this topic.

Then my story of finding the solutions (books, seminars, mentors, breakthroughs, etc.), or at least how you improved in your life & work.

Share your results & the results yours students have gotten (or the way it’s changed you & their lives in positive ways).

[Introduce your product or service and tell them what it’s called, why you created it, and how it helps them. Then, teach them about each part of the product and how that specifically helps them and what they get with it. For example, if you’re selling a 5-week online course, this is where you would tell them about each week of the course including what they learn and what they get that week as far as downloads/resources. So, you’re telling them the features and benefits of each part of your program]

Here is a overview of the course content:

Here’s why it’s different… [What makes your program different from everyone else’s? What makes you different? Why will this work better than other things they’ve tried before? Why is it a better deal? etc.

Here’s why it’s a great deal… [This is all about price. Describe how much time or money they would spend trying to figure this out. Describe how much time and energy you spent figuring this out. Tell them how difficult it would be to get this elsewhere, or how much they’d have to pay to get it from you personally. That should all sound difficult and expensive. Then announce a great price. The goal is for them to say, “Wow. What a great deal ant it will save me so much struggle!”]

Here’s what else you get… [Bonus time! Tell them that when they buy today, they’ll also receive a bonus (or several) that will help them achieve or grow even faster and easier. Bonuses really help, so Brendon recommends taking the time to create them. Sell them with as much enthusiasm and details as you do the rest of the course.]

OPTIONAL: Here’s an extra bonus to overcome your #1 objection… [Can you create another bonus that will help them overcome their #1 concern? For example, if selling a diet plan they might think it’s too hard, so you offer a bonus wall-chart to easily track their progress. If selling marketing, they might worry they don’t have enough website traffic so you create a short tutorial on that topic. This is optional, but often helps sales conversions quite a bit.]

No Credit Card? No Problem!

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BEYOND 100% Money Back Guarantee:

Just ask & you shall receive (really, there are no restrictions on getting a refund; ever.) BEYOND THAT if for any reason you’re hurting financially just send us a private link youtube video explaining your situation & how much money you need. We will help you out as much as we are financially able to, because we love you guys. And we want to show you guys the love Jesus has shown us, by giving to those in need, like He did.

P.S.: We are the only company (I know of) that does this.

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