Sales Productivity Consulting

If you don’t make more $, we don’t make more $
(we only take a % of your increased sales).

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1. Productivity Audit

We get a pulse of your past & current productivity.

Then estimate how far you can go in 1 year.

2. Sales Audit

We analyze your past, & current sales to determine if we can achieve your future sales goal (by combining the results of the productivity & sales audits).

3. Customized Action Plan

Get a detailed step by step productivity action plan1, 2, 3 for how we can achieve your sales goal.

Note each step of the customized action plan is based on:

1 What you most need help with to least.

2 Then within context of that what’s likely the easiest to hardest for you to impliment personally.

3 Lastly Pareto’s principle (known also as the 80/20) rule; “what 20% of things will give you roughly 80% of the results.”

  • Once the 20% is mastered then we can move on to the smaller things that will yield smaller results.

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Note: I only work w/ sales pros that donate at least 1% their income to making the world a better place.