3 Parts to Focus:

  1. Distractions: things that reduce or stop focus. Like brakes in a car.
  2. Focus = Interest = gas in your brain’s car. There are lots of ways to hit the gas pedal.
  3. Steering = Can focus in 2 ways; to 1) Single Focus or 2) Multifocus

Part 1: Distractions

2 Main Types:

  1. Internal
    • Energy
    • Thoughts
    • Emotions
  2. External
    • People
    • Enviroment

Part 2: Focus

Key overall Principle; that if you accomplish you don’t need any other principle to focus it happens naturally. Interest = Focus. When the brain is interested in something it will naturally focus on it.

2 Main Parts to Focus

  1. Different ways to increase focus/gas.
    • Interest Gas
    • Emotional Gas
    • Supplement Gas (like nitrous oxide)
  2. Increasing duration of focus/size of your gas tank.
    • Heart
    • Strengths
    • Diet
    • Exercise

Part 3: Steering Your Focus

Knowing when to steer your focus helps you be more productive all day.

Key variables:

  • when mental energy or focus levels are low or high
  • when stress is low or high
  • structure requirement for task (low structure, or high structure)

2 Main Ways:

  1. Single Focusing
  2. Multi-Focusing