Hacked Secure Checkout:

We literally try to hack ourselves on a regular basis to make things as secure for you as we possibly can!

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How we Protect Your Payment Info:

Your credit card information is stored in 1 of 3 places:

  1. On your phone/browser via Apple Pay & Android Pay.
  2. On amazon’s servers if you pay with Amazon Pay.
  3. Or on servers; if you insert your credit card information on this website. They have the highest level of security certification giving in the payments industry it’s called “PCI Service Provider Level 1”. The popup you fill out is from their servers & is a pure SSL connection (read more about SSL below).

How we Protect Your Other Personal Info:

Your Personal Info is stored in 2 places:

  1. My own server that hosts the website.
    • I currently have 25 (as of May 2018) big overall security best practices that are not found on most small business websites & I add more & more every year as my security advisers update my code monthly. Plus I have a 100% SSL (secure connection) on the entire site.
    • My server has a comprehensive, multi-layer dynamic firewall, plus a webapp firewall configured to protect us in many ways (imagine a huge castle wall with a moat, then another huge castle wall, around this website). Also on my server the files are isolated from all the other websites they host; so if a less secure site got hacked mine would be okay. And security scans are performed on a regular basis to find & prevent intrusions.
    • I have 2 different companies that monitor over 6,000,000 websites every second for hackers & attacks; & as soon as they find 1 they stop it & automatically block that person/program from attacking anyone else who uses their service.
  2. And on Which allows me to send you all the helpful customized emails. They use a full SSL/https connection as well.

Basic Understanding of (SSL) Secure Socket Layers (https)

Secure Socket Layers (SSL) is a technology that is used to encrypt your data that is sent between you & me.

When SSL is activated, it makes it almost impossible for an attacker to intercept data in transit, therefore making the transmission all your personal & financial data much safer.

My Promise To You

P.S.: I Brandon Cordoba the owner & founder of will never sell or share your information with anyone; ever.

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