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Our Weaknesses:

Because I don’t want to waste anyone’s time:

  • we have no relevant degrees,
  • no books to establish our credibility,
  • & no free consultations; unlike a lot our competition.

Those are our biggest weaknesses compared to the competition.

The 3 Most Common Complaints I Hear About The Competition Are…

1. Time

The entire book could have been summarized in 4-5 sentences” or in “1 chapter” or it “Would have been a better blog post” or “you could have searched the internet for 2 hours instead!

  • In our courses: I’ve giving you everything you need to hit the ground running in the 1st 2 videos (both of which you get immediately after buying). So you can get results faster than with the competition.

It takes too long to get to the practical tips” or there are “too many” “steps”, “rules”, “options”, or “resources” to filter through & decide which is best.

  • In our courses: the 1st lesson video gives you a brief overview of what to expect; then the 2nd immediately goes into the practice tips. We strip out as many steps, rules, options, & resources as possible to only leave you with the stuff that’s most effective.

Waste of time & $!” “Not a great value for the time spent.

  • In our courses: our entire course will take you less time to go thru than a typical book, or some structured (usually over a month) coaching/consultants packages. & it’s cheaper/a better value than hiring a 1 on 1 coach/consultant (this is what I, Brandon, used to do). And every video after the 2nd is another method, technique, or strategy that helps you apply what you’ve already learned better; so that you get results faster, & apply it to more areas of your work. All while being able to do it on your own time schedule.

2. Boring

The same idea just repeated 10000x & it gets boring quick.

  • In our courses: We do repeat ourselves (usually 3 times per video), so that you memorize the key things faster, & easier.

Repeats itself over & over again.

  • In our courses: The 2nd video with the practical tips has the most repetition, the rest of the videos repeat at the beginning & end to remind you briefly of where you been, before moving on.


  • In our courses: We strive very hard to be funny & entertaining, so that you won’t get bored.

3. Nothing New

Mostly a collection of obvious stuff available everywhere else.

Nothing new. Rehash of ideas from others.

Was all well-known stuff.

  • In our courses: We fuse together the best techniques, methods, guides, formulas, rules, & strategies together to make things as helpful for you as possible. The individual parts aren’t unique, but the combination of them, the sequencing of them, & the humor dumped in all of them is!

Note: I’m currently ?’ing you guys to make the courses as uniquely helpful to you as a possibly can if you’d like to help me help you message me on Skype at “BrandonCordoba”. The products below are just for testing.

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Showing all 4 results