Productivity Courses

To help you APPLY the techniques, methods, & strategies you get for free on this site & YouTube.

The value isn’t in the info; it’s in applying the info.
Applying is what gets you the raises, promotions, & bonuses. Learning all the info in the world without applying it is just a waste of your shiny time.

Our Weaknesses:

Because I don’t want to waste anyone’s time:

  • we have no relevant degrees,
  • no books to establish our credibility,
  • & no free consultations; unlike a lot our competition.

The 3 Most Common Complaints I Hear About The Competition Are…

1. Time

It takes too long to get to the practical tips” or there are “too many” “steps”, “rules”, “options”, or “resources” to filter through & decide which is best.

  • In our courses: We strip out all the fluff/un-shiny stuff so that, we can help you out as quickly & efficiently as possible!

“Waste of time & $!” “Not a great value for the time spent.

  • In our courses: our entire course will take you less time to go thru than a typical book, online course, or pretty much all coaching/consultants packages out there. & it’s cheaper/or a better value than all of them.

“It took over a month just to get everything I paid for!”

  • In our courses: We give you the entire course the second you buy. So if it’s Sunday & you need to be better before Monday; these courses can help.

2. Boring


  • In our courses: We strive very hard to be funny & entertaining, so that you won’t get bored, & quit wasting your time & $.

The same idea just repeated 10000x & it gets boring quick.” or “Repeats itself over & over again.

  • In our courses: We rarely repeat ourselves often, but when we do, it’s to help you remember the key points faster; so that you can make it a lifelong habit that will help you out your entire career.

3. Nothing New

Mostly a collection of obvious stuff available everywhere else.

Nothing new. Rehash of ideas from others.

Was all well-known stuff.

  • In our courses: We fuse together the best techniques, methods, guides, formulas, rules, & strategies together to make things as helpful for you as possible. The individual parts are rarely unique, but the combination of them, the sequencing of them, & the humor dumped in all of them is!

Productivity Courses:

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Showing all 4 results