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3 Main Benefits:

  • Shiny Objects:
    • Get every shiny object on the website! Each 1 helps you with 1 of your most commonly requested struggles. These are found in the “Shiny Object Downloads” section after each & every video blog post.
  • Community:
    • Facebook style interaction so that you can share your shiny object goals & dreams. Get encouragement, contribute, & connect with others that love the same shiny objects you do!
  • Support:
    • & the ability to ask me any ?’s on the site via private message, email, & phone from me (the founder) Brandon, & my team.


No Credit Card? No Problem!

Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, & Google Pay available for your safety & convenience. These 3 payment options make it so that you don’t have to put any financial info on this site!

BEYOND 100% Money Back Guarantee:

Just ask & you shall receive (really, there are no restrictions on getting a refund; ever.) BEYOND THAT if for any reason you’re hurting financially just send us a private link youtube video explaining your situation & how much money you need. We will help you out as much as we are financially able to, because we love you guys. And we want to show you guys the love Jesus has shown us, by giving to those in need, like He did.

  • P.S. We are the only company (I know of) that does this.