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Step 1 of 3: Finding Your Thinking Wavelength

What is your “thinking wavelength”:

Basically it’s where you fall on the spectrum of concrete to abstract thinking.

Why is it important to know your thinking wavelength?

Because it’s your sweet spot, where you function best, your high contribution zone at work.

When you continually operate outside of it, 1 of 3 things will happen:

  1. you’ll burn out
  2. you’ll drop out
  3. Or you’ll get fired (if you’re self-employed you’re most likely going to fail).

The 2 most important points to remember are; when you are in a situation where you feel:

…Trapped, constrained, boxed in, or it takes a lot of effort or willpower to force yourself to do it:

You are in an environment, task, or doing a productivity tip that is too structured for you.

It demands more structure than you feel comfortable working in.

…Lost, directionless, or confused:

You are in an environment, task, or doing a productivity tip that is not structured enough for you.

A place that is more abstract than you feel comfortable working in.

Thinking Wavelength Test: Choose 1 of the 5 options below

Pick the 1 that best answers this question for you (not anyone else):

“If I had to live in 1 of these options for my entire life which 1 would I choose?”


1. Characteristics of a Producer:

  • Given clear guidelines & good structure you can perform better & more efficiently than anyone.
  • You excel at getting the details right.
  • It feels uncomfortable if left with the responsibility of determining how to get it done.
  • You may be considered rigid by others.

Without you things don’t get done.


2. Characteristics of a Minder:

  • You can identify a problem, diagnose it, see a solution & be comfortable moving to action to correct it.
  • You can direct others well & resolve conflict if necessary.
  • You are most likely considered organized & structured by others.

Without you teams cannot function well.


3. Characteristics of a Keeper:

  • You know what must be done. You can put the players in place to conceive it, & others in place to make it happen.
  • Handle details & see the boarder vision.
  • You can mediate if issues arise.

Without you the abstract thinkers on one end & the concrete thinkers on the other end have difficulty communicating & functioning together.


4. Characteristics of a Finder:

  • There is a better way.
  • Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?
  • You can make it happen too, but once it’s going you are on to the next big thing.
  • You may be considered unstructured, unorganized, & messy by others.
  • You may frustrate others with you lack of follow through.

Without you new ideas don’t get implemented.


5. Characteristics of a Conceiver:

  • The idea is the whole of it.
  • You could live in the world of ideas all day.
  • Someone else can make it happen.
  • You may be considered a dreamer by others.

Without you those groundbreaking breakthroughs don’t ever occur.

This Thinking Wavelength Test comes from Tom Patterson who worked with President Regan, the Chinese Government, & many other successful people & businesses. He was called, “the greatest process thinker in the world”.

Congratulations on completing step 1 of 3 SOL!


Keep going you are on your shiny way to applying habits & routines that will help you out the rest of your career & life.!

Step 2 of 3: Choose & start implementing the tips that best match your thinking wavelength

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