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Thank You, Welcome, & Congratulations on buying your newest shiny object!

Why am I congratulating you? Because your purchase proves: you want to, & are committed to changing. So congratulations for that! That’s an important 1st step you just took, & you should close your eyes, take a deep breath (“do it, do it”) & soak in that feeling a bit…

I also want you to know, I can’t wait to begin helping you out SOL!!!

Step 1 of 3: Finding Your Personality Character (from the Career Personality Test)

What is your “personality character”:

Basically it’s where you fall on the spectrum of concrete to abstract thinking.

Why is it important to know your personality character?

Because it’s your sweet spot, where you function best, your high contribution zone at work.

When you continually operate outside of it, 1 of 3 things will happen:

  1. you’ll burn out
  2. you’ll drop out
  3. Or you’ll get fired (if you’re self-employed you’re most likely going to fail).

The 2 most important points to remember are; when you are in a situation where you feel:

…Trapped, constrained, boxed in, or it takes a lot of effort or willpower to force yourself to do it:

You are in an environment, task, or doing a productivity tip that is too structured for you.

It demands more structure than you feel comfortable working in.

…Lost, directionless, or confused:

You are in an environment, task, or doing a productivity tip that is not structured enough for you.

A place that is more abstract than you feel comfortable working in.

Step 2 of 3: Choose & start implementing the tips that best match your personality character.

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